I am a multidisciplinary female artist from Hamburg, Germany.

My passion is the combination of creativity, communication, cultures, and nature, running like a golden thread through my life, art and work.

Born in 1970, I studied fashion design and worked as a fashion designer and product manager in fashion industry.

In 1999, I co-founded VisionAktion GmbH – a company for management training, organisational development and coaching, mainly focussing on creative concepts for hands-on trainings. I am still its managing director, have become a behaviour trainer, coach and organisational designer, and have added an MBA in sustainability before coming back to my creative roots.

Since 2021, I am a member of a creative art space collective on a houseboat.

My experiences in fields like Fashiondesign, Economics, Psychology, Hands on training  and Communications give me a different approach also to art. I use multiple perspectives and love to work with different textures, materials and structures. When painting the portraits for example, I look deeper to the personality, the assumed profession. What kind of story is this person hiding? What can I as an artist transfer to the observer?

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